Opt India Private Tours Package to Enjoy Stirring Vacation

A land of diversity that is rich in culture and cultural heritage, located in south Asia, India. It is 7th largest country across the world according to the area and 2nd highest state in population. Here, people belong to various classes, religious and cultures, this is the main reason that there are 23 official languages in India. It is one of the admirable countries for its deep culturally and historical monuments on the earth.

India Private Tours

The luxurious living paradise and diversities of India are seen in its culture, tradition and geography. India always comes at first position, if we talk about customs and traditions. It is well steeped in customs as a beautiful scenery. Whether you are planning to experiencing and visiting historical landmarks, beach, wildlife, monuments for the coming vacation, India is the best option for everyone.

You can visit all over India yourself, but it can be difficult for those people who are not aware about this country. Generally, you spend two or three times more money on traveling packages. Therefore, you need to hire private tours in India, confirm all the packages and compare with other agencies before taking decision. And, make sure that company should be experienced not fraud.

Why need to choose services from a professional tour operator?

  • To know about the Culture of Place While Visiting

A good travel agency assigns a guide for you who explains everything related to the place like why this place is famous and what are the reasons behind that place. He will work as a translator as well, if you want to talk with the local people of the particular place.

  • Leisure Travel

An India private tours guide takes whole responsibility to provide the best place to stay in a reasonable price. He is “pillow to pillow” during the complete visit. He manages all the things timely for their clients in an effective and impressive manner, such as accommodations (breakfast, credits, upgrades), private transfer and any special dinner reservation from company side for their special clients.

  • Security and Privacy

Security is vital to enjoy a tour trip and to make it unforgettable ever of life. Your complete information is secured with the any outsiders. The agencies of private tour in India take care you as well as your luggage.

These things influence a tourist to hire servcies from a professional tour company like “Surf India Travel” to attain the good experience during complete journey.

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Lord Curzon Trail

A Beautiful or Amazing Adventure of India Trekking

Find the beautiful Lord Curzon Trail tour to get relaxed in the atmosphere of India, As India is a beautiful country with lots of places to be explore and its now become very famous for tourism. Get a Trip of India and explore the places like mountains, rivers and trekking areas.


Destination covered during the Tour as Mention Below :

  • Delhi
  • Rishikesh
  • Ghat
  • Jhenji
  • Pana
  • Dhakwani
  • Gorson
  • Auli
  • Joshimath


Duration of this Tour – 12 Days / 11 Nights

Feel the Adventure of India Trekking with fresh and healthy winds of Himalayas and the marvelous view of  Nanda Devi.Journey of Lord Curzon Trail will starts with New Delhi and will be end on arrival New Delhi .

You can visit on http://www.surfindiatravel.com/lord-curzon-trail.html to get more details related to the tour like Rates with included or not included things, no hidden charges apply.


You can get more Tour Packages by visiting our site : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/

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Jim Corbett National Park India

Jim Corbett National Park India: Traveling Through Tigers Own Country

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest wildlife parks, which was developed for conserving tiger and was established in the year about 1936. This wildlife got its name from the famous tiger’s hunter that is Jim Corbett. This is the huge wildlife park covering almost 1318 Sq meter, situated in North Indian State, Uttaranchal in Uttarakhand. Travelling through Jim Corbett NP will give alluring experience about beautiful nature and amazing unforgettable wildlife.

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary houses around 28 species of reptiles, 60 species of mammals, more than 550 species of birds as well, but it is mainly famous for Bengal tigers, leopards and elephants. The most stunning experience for the tourists is the 550 types of birds flying over the parks. It will be the most enchanting and pleasing view for the travelers. Here, the tourist can see the living nature surrounding by the elephants, the roaring tigers and the other wild animal behaviors. Jim Corbett National Park is very much natural.

The park also features beautiful valley, enormous ridges hills and deciduous forests. Besides the forest, there is flowing River that is Ramganga. This scenic river accommodates with the rich populations of the crocodile (Ghariyal) and amazing fish, Mahaseer Fish. Here, tourist can also have the thrilling adventurous activities like angling, fishing, Safari with Elephant. The jeep safari gives a chance to the visitors to see the park and have the fun filled view of the forest and its inhabitants.
Apart from wild animals, the park is rich in flora too. About 51 species of shrubs, 33 species of bamboo, 27 species of climbers & grass and 110 species of trees are the amazing range of plant species to witness. There are various outstanding hotels in Jim Corbett National Parks that serve the best of the best facility to the travelers.

In India, there are various travel and tourism company that serves you the best service. Among them Surf India Travel comes with the best Jim Corbett National Park Packages.

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India Tours and Travels

India Tours and Travels: Perceive the Tremendous View of Amazing India

India is the varied landscape cherished with astounding culture, environment and food based on different religion and region. Travelling India rejuvenates you physically and mentally. There are lots to experience here like you can have the adventurous task such as mount climbing, rafting, and lots more, if you want to go for natural treatment, then this land is fruitful with amazing natural remedial that provides extensive class of treatment for different problems. Here, you can taste amazing flavors of delicious foods that you can’t ever get in your own place. The vibrant festivals give joyful feelings. Let’s have the broad insight in India Tours and travels packages.

India Tours

The vivid bustling cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Agra and Jaipur are some of the exciting cities with full of enchanting markets, museums and monuments. The special food in Chandni Chowk markets, Rajasthan’s cultural events at royal places, embroidered fabrics & Leather market in Agra leave an unforgettable experience for the tourist. The various government buildings in Delhi, the Gateway of India in Mumbai and having tour around various special spots museum, astounding parks in Jaipur give eternal impression in the mind of visitors.

India, the vibrant land entailing varieties of lush nature, there is the tea garden splendidly scattered across the North-eastern and southern side of India. Here, you can taste exclusive flavor of tea that you can’t ever have all around the globe. The tea petals are prepared with customary techniques that are really very exclusive. Watching the processing of tea petals from tea garden to industry gives an awesome experience to the viewers. Tours and Travels in India bring lots of endless exhilarating experience that you can’t ever imagine. From north to south, there are ample arrays of marvelous scenes that cannot be avoided like Goa beach scenes, Kerala Backwater – touring village surrounding lake, Amazing Mountains with beautiful landscape in Leh & Ladakh and Tranquil Himalayan Gateways. Touring Darjeeling through toy train gives the surprising view of lush, cladding mountains and lots more.
In India, various festivals are celebrated throughout the year and all over the country. The vibrant color of Holi festival, delightful Diwali night and enormous highly spirited festivals like Lohri, Christmas, Eid, Holla Mohalla, and Puskhar camel festival can only be discovered here. Having festival tour through India make holiday fun filled and more exciting. All the festivals are celebrated with full of zeal and happiness. India has the long lost history associated with the land. There are lots of monument and temples that attract various tourists from all around the globe. The wonder of the world the Taj Mahal, royal Jaipur Palaces, Qutab Minar, the Red Fort and The Golden Temple are some of the significant sites for the tourist from all over the world. Tours and Travel in India monuments give the historic evidence of everything that is connected with the place.

India Tour
Touring various Wildlife Sanctuaries like Ranthambhore, Corbett National Parks will give the amazing insights of the wild adventures through India. India is known to be the hub for varieties of natural treatment, having royal spa and massage in Annanda or Kerala Ayurvedic break both give world-class natural treatment in every possible remedy.

There are lots of tour operators in India, but Surf India Tour is leading one and provides the best-in-class services for travelling and exploring India very well.

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Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour: Experience Marvelous Places of India

Sense the aura of serenity, astounding history and contemporary culture connected with three famous cities of India through the Golden triangle tour packages. India is the land of tremendous places, where you can experience the miscellaneous art implicated with pleasing beauty, varied food, astonishing clothing embroidered with seamless working and discover the evidence of Mughal dynasty imposed on numerous cravings. Let’s have a broad insight on the sites that are covered in Golden Triangle India Tour.

Golden Triangle Tour

Old & New Delhi – Vibrant Capital Of India

Delhi is the most colorful and vibrant city of India. There are two famous corners of Delhi – one is Old Delhi and the other is New Delhi. In Old Delhi, there are lots to explore like a red sandstone towering Red Fort, a huge Moscow Jama Masjid, bustling fruitful market Chandni Chowk and Rajghat Mahatama Gandhi’s cremation. Then, come to New Delhi, where a great Humayun Tombs, Qutab Minar – a huge tower and various famous Government Buildings such as the Parliament, the President House and India Gate are located.

Beautiful Agra – The Taj Capital

Agra that was formally known as the Mughal Capital of India, is now called to be The Taj City. Agra became famous all over the world, due to eternal beautiful monument Taj Mahal. The enchanting Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. In building this monument, there were almost 20 years and 20,000 worker invested. The amazing inscription crafted on this monument still looks very royal and sprinkle like the craving has been recently developed. Taj Mahal is counted among the “Seven Wonders of the World” and become the best tourist attraction spot. Then, there is Agra Fort that is known to be dwelling for Mughal emperor.

The Pink City- Jaipur

Jaipur is known for the pink city of Rajasthan. This amazing city was developed and endorsed by Emperor Sawai Jai Sigh II in the year around 1727. This Tranquil city is renowned for wonderful collection of spectacular sites such as Hawa Mahal – an amazing 5 storey building with sneaking windows for outside world, Jantar Mantar Observatory -an innovative clock and lots more. There are also royal styled hotels, where you can see the amazing workmanship and taste the cultural food.

Amaze with India Golden Triangle Tour packages and discover the extensive view of different of cities in Golden Triangle Tour. You can also see the local markets at various site, where you can have chance to sense the varieties of local, but very usable goods having great India’s cultural impression. For having the live experience around the Golden Triangle Tour, you can book your tour at http://www.surfindiatravel.com/. Surf India Travel is the renowned travel and tourism company, where you can find out lots touring options at economical rates with convenient facilities.

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Classic Kerala Tour

Classic Kerala is one of the most famous and lovely place for the tourism sector, peoples are too friendly and helpful. Surf India Travel gives you the opportunity to join this tour. SIT have the team of professionals and have the local support for any kind of situation.

Please have a look on this –


once you visit you will love this place .


visit : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/classic-kerala.html

Feel free to contact us : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/contact-us.html

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Bombay Beaches Caves

Bombay the presence of Indian Cinema and the lovely place of India. Exotic beaches and there blue water will attract you , Name of the sea is Arabian Sea and the beaches are Chowpatti (Girgaum), Dadar Chowpatti , Juhu Beach, Versova Beach, Madh Island, Aksa Beach, Manori Beach, Marve Beach, Gorai Beach.



Mumbai – Goa – Kolhapur – Aurangabad – Ajanta – Mumbai

Duration: 10 Nights / 11 Days

More visit : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/bombay-beaches-caves.html

Contact : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/contact-us.html

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Birds Eye View

Lets come to a journey of Birds Eye View. You will get the wildlife destinations , A experience of nature and adventures. If you are looking for a vacation and want to be stressed out then you have to join this tour. visit : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/birds-eye-view.html

You can also join other tours to visit on this site : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/

find your amazing and special tour.

Contact : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/contact-us.html

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Corbett National Park

Corbett National park is one of the most famous and well known park of Uttrakhand India. Commonly named Jim Corbett National Park. A place with full of adventures and lots of fun, the beauty of nature and its wild life attracts visitors to come again and again here.

tour duration : 2 Nights / 3 Days

Delhi – Corbett National Park – Delhi


visit : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/corbett-national-park.html

For further Clarification fell free to contact us : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/contact-us.html

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Mauritius is a beautiful place in this world where you can get enjoyment of life with beach , bars, discos, restaurants. Everyone have a dream holding hand of partner and to spend lots of time with his/her to make the moments memorable.So if you are looking for these moments then Surf India Travel is here to provide you a complete packages of outbound tours so that you can get all the desire and will make your life happily. It’s not only a couple tour even its a family, friends tours and anyone who want to enjoy this tour single and want to make some other special friends and want to cheer’s the life can join. Its a complete package with the low cost.Image

Lets come with us and take this opportunity to have a better life experiences.

For any clarifications visit : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/outbound_tour/mauritius.html

or contact us : http://www.surfindiatravel.com/contact-us.html

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